Revive Your Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is always an owners pride and that which gives us a feeling of retreat each time we watch it. The artistic value and the intrinsic craftsmanship of wooden furniture are absolutely timeless treasures to be preserved and if maintained properly they are assets that are going to earn you pride and satisfaction.

The undeniable fact about wooden furniture is that most of them fade away with time if not properly maintained. Wooden furniture owners would be more than happy if there were opposite ways to get them back into proper shape and shine and make the same old beautiful table or chair or any product for that matter.

It is just that a few extra precautionary steps has to be taken to maintain the furniture instead of leaving them to fade away and then search for remedies to get them back to the original glow. Nevertheless it is never too late to restore your furniture and it is better late than never. Follow these few steps to rejuvenate your wooden treasures:

Get rid of the old worn out Paint:
To get rid of the old paint you will have to apply a chemical stripper. While doing this wear protective gloves and mask and also spread a heavy cloth underneath the furniture that is going to be refurbished. Apply the stripper and allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes so that it softens the paint so that you can strip it off easily.

Wipe the furniture clean:
After scrapping the old paint, wipe the furniture clean with clean rags and also you can use thinners to clean them to wipe them even cleaner.

Sand the furniture:
The next step that has to be followed to make the furniture ready to take a new color is by wiping it with sand paper. This can be done either manually or through machine. It is advisable to use an 80-100-grid sandpaper to start with the sanding process. Always remember to sand with the grains when carrying out this process manually.

Fill the Defects:
After the first round of sanding, this is the time to correct the defects. Fill up the holes, dips and other blemishes using a wood filler or paste that is used for wooden furniture. Applying this on the furniture needs to be done carefully using a flat tool to give it a flawless finish.

Now the furniture has to be re-sanded. After the furniture has been set-aside after applying the wood filler or paste for the furniture to take its proper shape, it has to be sanded again. This time the sanding has to be done using a finer sand paper.

Staining is an important process in bringing back your old wooden furniture back to life. First a suitable stain is chosen and furniture is stained over and over again with multiple coats until the perfect finish is achieved. This staining process requires a lot of technical knowledge and it is mandatory that one read the instruction manual carefully before getting into this.

Give a final touch using your creativity:
Worn out furniture can be recreated to a new version by using your creativity and experimenting skills. Play with colors to give your furniture a brand new look and do not forget to apply varnish to give them a glorious shine.

It is actual fun to bring back old furniture back to life with a new charm and a newer version. This not only gives a new look to the furniture but to the entire home as such. Once the furniture is restores, the whole room gets rejuvenated and so does one’s life.

The above said steps can be easily tried at home without much expertise and with easily available products and equipments that you can find in most of the home utility stores. Moreover restoring furniture all by us gives a personalized feel and an inner satisfaction. The ways and means of restoring furniture is not limited to the above-mentioned steps. Though these are the basic do-how techniques, one is at free will to try all that his heart tells. 

Try out these easy DIY wooden furniture restoration techniques on and surprise your family, friends and yourself too.