Our Company

We are wooden furniture restoration house having expertise in this field for 4 decades. We understand that wooden furniture are subject to wear and tear and this made us open up an exclusive store for restoring and rejuvenating the once shiny pieces of art.

Wooden furniture might lose its shine and look, but definitely not its value. Some of the expensive hardwoods keep appreciating in value with time, such wooden furniture can never be ridden away, and hence restoration work becomes very essential. Some of the individuals try DIY techniques to restore their favorite wooden furniture, but when a professional work is required, people turn towards restoration stores like us and we have been the best pick among the other players.

We have experienced and dedicated professionals who are well versed in the various processes of rejuvenating a wooden structure. We not only refurbish wooden furniture, we also take up restoration work of wood houses, wooden interiors of house and anything that comes in a wooden structure. This has given us a lot of exposure to the various types of articles made up of wood. The strong knowledge that we possess about the various types of woods helps us to classify them according to their characteristics and take up apposite restoration techniques that suit that particular wood type.

With advanced technological developments, we have come up with computerized designing to give the old furniture a brand new look and feel. We also use high quality stains and varnishes to give the furniture an impeccable look and also by preserving their intricate handcrafted works.

Olden day wooden furniture are known for their craftsmanship and detailing, so we take great care in protective them from damages and at the same time give a new lease of life to the worn out furniture. This makes us the best source for restoration when it comes to wooden furniture.